August 12, 2016


When: NOW – Perpetual, we need hosts all year round (minimum 1 month contract)

Description: A host is a general term for travellers or work experience seekers who want to come and stay at our camp for free in exchange for helping out with general duties.

Tasks: Can include; taking customers on excursions, setting up the breakfast table, maintenance of camp facilities, being the face of the Elsewhere and making it a fun and enjoyable experience for paying guests. Hosts will be allocated different duties as seen fit.

Skills and experience favoured:

  • Happy Helpful people for general duties and looking after guests
  • Tradespeople, i.e. carpenters, builders etc. (we are always building new things like bunk beds or a new ping pong table)
  • Confident surfers who can act as assistants in lessons or as guides. Qualifications in first aid or surf instructing favoured.
  • Internet marketing skills, blogging, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Massage, Physio or Personal Training skills
  • Artists come and do some painting for us, we have some big blank canvases for you to have fun with.

Reward/remuneration: Free Accommodation and use of our facilities including surf boards, lessons and Yoga. Free Breakfasts (some free dinners also included if working in high season). VIP treatment at the best bar in Sri Lanka. Hours: We generally work about 5 hours a day 5 days a week. That gives us plenty of time to surf, party and enjoy other activities. The work is not hard or strict and we prefer self-motivated people who are ready to embrace Elsewhere values and philosophies.


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